Sui Lin Goei, Ph.D.


Lefki Kourea, Ph.D. Vice-President

David Simó Pinatella, Ph.D. Secretary

Angeline van der Kamp Treasurer A

Margreet van Oudheusden Treasurer B

Lale Hazar


Anna-Maria Hintz, Ph.D.


My name is Sui Lin Goei and I possess two joint academic positions, both in the Netherlands. The first position is at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences (Zwolle) where I am a professor heading an academic group called Inclusive and Meaningful Learning Environments. At VU University Amsterdam I am an Assistant Professor and Academic Leader of the team Special Educational Needs. In both universities PBS is one of our research foci; in Amsterdam we target designing behavioral interventions for Tiers II and III and in Zwolle our aim is to research the systemic implementation of PBS within networks of schools both in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. This work is in collaboration with our Windesheim Expertise Centre PBS, which provides technical assistance for our schools. I am delighted for your trust in me as your president for the PBS-Europe Network for the coming three years. It is my wish that collaboratively we will let the Network grow strong and that within the international PBS community we can shuttle between the many PBS languages spoken in the U.S. and Europe and form an integrated repertoire in our aim to support each student we serve.

Hello! My name is Lefki Kourea and I am an Assistant Professor of Special Education at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. My research interests focus on the areas of applied behavior analysis, multi-tiered systems of support and academic and behavioral interventions. It is an honor to serve on the PBS-Europe Network Board and be able to collaborate with colleagues across Europe and beyond sharing knowledge, implementation and research experience on PBS. Looking forward to seeing this network grow as a multi-disciplinary platform promoting the principles of PBS and serving the needs of our children and families.

My name is David Simó-Pinatella and I am an assistant professor of the Degree in Teacher Training for Primary Education at the Ramon Llull University, Barcelona, Spain. I am also part of a research group “Disability and quality of life: Educational aspects” where I coordinate the research that focus on Individual Quality of Life. My research interests focus on applied behavior analysis as well as the implementation of multi-tiered systems of support either in special and mainstream schools. Moreover, the use of evidence based practices in order to achieve behavioral, social or academic competences is part of our research.

Finally, I am working in Ampans, an institution that provides support to people with intellectual disabilities, by implementing evidence based practices when designing behavioral interventions. It is a pleasure to serve as a secretary for the PBS-Europe Network and looking forward to learn from this experience!

Hi! I’m happy to introduce myself as a PBS-Europe board member. My name is Angeline van der Kamp, Lecturer and educational consultant at Fontys University of Applied Sciences Tilburg The Netherlands. My core task is to support master degree students in their study process and research projects in the area of Educational Needs. Besides that I support schools in implementing SWPBS and other educational development projects. As treasurer at the PBS- Europe Board I will try to find funding for our international oriented cooperative activities. I also will be active in the Student sub-committee to encourage students to join our network.

I am Margreet van Oudheusden and I am working as a lecturer in the Master Educational Needs and as a researcher at the Academic Group of Sui Lin Goei at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands. I am also a PBS coach working with schools how to implement PBS school-wide. I have an interest in working with professionals in other countries and cultures and learning from each other how to cope and deal with behavioral problems in classroom settings. I am also a specialist in early childhood and practice-based research. Recently I joined the Board of the American Association of Positive Behaviour Support. I am honoured to serve on both boards and look forward to spreading the word further.

I am an education consultant and have worked in schools as a principal and an International Education Programs Director for 42 years. I am currently working on designing education programs for school development mainly on improving social-emotional development of children. I am a PBS coach, disseminating School Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support Program in Turkey. I have been leading 3 projects on inclusive education to integrate Syrian Refugee children into public schools of Istanbul as the founder and project director of ODGEDER-Organization of Positive Behavior Support, a Turkish NGO. Projects are designed to create social cohesion among Syrian refugees and host community based on PBS framework. I have participated in APBS and Amsterdam PBS conferences to present PBS implementation in Turkey and ODGEDER’S projects. I am an active member of Child Protection Platform, Turkey, Act- Now, Vienna, Turkish & German Initiative for refugee studies, Save the Children, APBS, UNHCR, Turkey and PBS Europe Executive Board as well as professional development sub-committee of the PBS Europe.

My name is Anna-Maria Hintz and I am a full professor at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg (Germany) in the School of Educational and Social Sciences in the Department of Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation. Here I conduct research and teach coursework related to learning disabilities (LD) and emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). One of my current research interests is the cultural- sensitive adaptation of (School-wide) Positive Behavior Support in the context of different educational settings. It is my pleasure and great honor to serve as a board member as well as a member of the research sub-committee for the


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